10 Mask Compilations from Team Reality

With the overturning of the CDC’s mask mandate it’s a good moment to catalog what we’ve been saying for 2 years now.

We’ve written quite a bit over the past two years about masks at Rational Ground. With mask mandates falling faster than an Omicron Gompertz curve, we thought it might be useful to review some of the best-of info from Rational Ground around mask wearing.

  1. Your Mask Study Cheatsheet – 12 studies and articles about the fecklessness of masking society and children
  2. The Impact of Wearing Masks – It isn’t just a harmless face diaper. There are certain consequences to repeated use of masks
  3. Masking Children is an Ineffective Policy and Not Supported by Research or Data – The intrepid @Robber_Baron_ updates their masterful litany of studies showing masking kids is… dumb.
  4. Infographic: Making Children Mask is Misguided Health Policy – More data here and links to conversation with the mask-chart guru Ian Miller
  5. Masks are NOT source control – Our intrepid PPE expert Megan Mansell explains it all.
  6. Dangerous pathogens found on children’s face masks – ICYMI: We sent some kids’ masks onto a lab. What came back shocked us.
  7. Ramifications of Restricted Breathing – Guest post by Megan Mansell on enumerated downside of mask-wearing.
  8. We’ve Lost our Ever-lovin’ Minds – Some of the best “intervention” nonsense to make you roll your eyes forever.
  9. 1918 Newspaper Clippings – We’ve Known the Truth for 100 Years! If only we had learned the lessons from the great 1918 pandemic – we might have saved ourselves some pain.
  10. 16 States Where Kids Breathe Freely! – No masks, masks optional – you get to choose. Video, pics and more from these strange outliers from a time gone by.


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