The Rational Ground Show

We’re starting a radio show/podcast/live chat thingy.

We’ve been wanting to do a podcast/radio show for a while and now the good folks at “Callin” are making that happen.

They call it “social podcasting” and here’s how it works

  1. You download the app.
  2. Go find the show.
  3. Join the broadcast at noon pacific today.
  4. You can even join in as a caller and I’ll put you live on the air.
  5. When the show is done… we put it up there as a podcast.
  6. You can create your own snippets of the show to share instantly to social media. It even creates the full transcript for you.
Show photo

They have fantastic shows up there like Glenn GreenwaldMatt TaibbiBriahna Joy Gray, Antonio García Martínez, and Andray Domise.

They’ve invited us to be part of their talent team.

Hop on in!



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