Meet the Team

Justin Hart

Justin Hart (@justin_hart Twitter profile) is an executive consultant with over 25 years experience creating data-driven solutions for Fortune 500 companies and Presidential campaigns alike. Mr. Hart is the Chief Data Analyst and founder of which helps companies, public policy officials, and even parents gauge the impact of COVID-19 across the country. The team at offers alternative solutions on how to move forward during this challenging pandemic.

Jennifer Cabrera

Jennifer has electrical engineering degrees from Princeton and Berkeley and worked in nuclear energy before leaving engineering to raise her family. She worked in her family’s agricultural business for 20 years, then spent 5 years working on mobile apps before starting Alachua Chronicle, an online local news site in Alachua County, FL. Her daily articles on COVID for the newspaper led her to further investigate how COVID deaths are reported, prompting the Florida Department of Health to report new COVID deaths by date of death. Her pinned Twitter post provides detailed information about each day’s COVID death report for Florida.

Len Cabrera

Len grew up in South Florida and is the son of Cuban immigrants who fled communist persecution in 1961 so he’s a little touchy about government overreach. He has a BS and MS in Operations Research (Air Force Academy and Stanford), an MBA (University of West Florida), and a PhD in Economics (University of Florida). He served as an analyst in the Air Force doing flight test and logistics planning and retired as a lieutenant colonel in 2014.

Karl Dierenbach

After earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Karl Dierenbach worked as an engineer and manager in the automotive industry. He then earned a law degree at the University of Colorado School of Law and practiced law for several years in Colorado. Karl is active in politics and is currently writing about politics, culture and Covid. He has been published at RationalGround, and Karl lives south of Denver, Colorado, with his wonderful wife and three school-aged boys.

Emily Burns

Emily holds a B.S. from Sweet Briar College, with majors in biochemistry and music. She is a Ph.Dropout from The Rockefeller University (neuroscience). She worked as a strategy consultant for large pharma companies, before transitioning to the enterprise software industry. She subsequently founded, a platform to connect people to private instructors. She loves reading, writing, running, analysis, cooking and languages, speaking Spanish, French, and (sometimes) German fluently--and working on Portuguese. She lives in Newton, Massachusetts with her husband, and 3 children.

Philip Holloway

Philip Holloway is the founder of the Holloway Law Group in Cobb County, Georgia. Philip is the host of the hit true-crime podcast, “Sworn” ( that takes listeners deep inside the real criminal justice system. As a former major crimes prosecutor and police officer, Philip is able to break down complicated legal issues for any audience to easily understand. Philip is also an excellent political analyst on issues where law and politics intersect. Philip is the legal analyst for WSB Radio in Atlanta, Ga. and appears regularly on national and international media with analysis of legal news items.

Todd Kenyon

Todd earned Bachelors’ degrees in Mechanical engineering and Biology at Bucknell U followed by Masters and PhD in Marine Biology at U of Miami where he was awarded the Smith Prize for best dissertation University-wide. After a post-doctoral fellowship he entered finance as an analyst and investment advisor while earning a Chartered Financial Analyst designation. While still working as a money manager, now for his own firm, he has formed two small businesses involved in the triathlon and cycling industries and holds a patent on an automated device for bicycle fitting. He has competed in triathlons for 3 decades including at the Ironman distance along with his 5x Ironman World Champion wife and has three amazing college-aged kids.

Alex Lieske

Alex earned a Bachelors' Degree in Sociology with a minor in Markets and Management from Duke University. At Duke, he was a member of the Men's Lacrosse Team and leading scorer in his junior and senior seasons. Alex later attended the University of Maryland, Smith School of Business and obtained his Masters of Business Administration. Alex has worked in the financial services industry for over 10 years. In his free time, he enjoys boxing, running, and spending time with his amazing wife, three young children, and dogs.

Megan Kristen Mansell

Megan began working at a young age and has explored several professions and fields of study. She is a former district education director over special populations, serving students who are profoundly disabled, immunocompromised, undocumented, autistic, and behaviorally challenged; she also has a background in print media and hazardous environs PPE applications. She enjoys advocating for voiceless populations. She is married with three young children.