Take Back Your Schools From COVID

Our children have now lost thousands of hours of in-class learning. Schools across the rest of the world are open while our kids languish in limbo. Join us for a special webinar to get the tools and tactics you need to take back your school. Join data experts and policy pros to find out what has worked elsewhere. Network with others to help form groups to take on government entities quashing your kids’ right to an education.

This event is a special forum for Washington state parents, activists, teachers, and policy makers but EVERYONE is welcome to attend.

  • Hear the latest research on COVID-19, the impact of the virus and what we know now about the risks of contracting the disease.
  • Learn from other activists about how YOU can approach school boards, county and state entities to help them get our kids back to school.
  • Get tools, tactics, strategies and downloads to help you combat proponents of lockdowns.

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Justin Hart, founder of Rational Ground and data expert will walk us through the current state of the virus and the impact of the lockdowns.