Stay-at-Home Orders Don’t Work. They May Have Made Things Worse

As the COVID-19 pandemic starts to wane from its horrible entrance onto the international scene the data is now coming in to test the viability of NPI (non-pharmaceutical interventions). The CDC has published and updated a specific database tracking the “stay-at-home” orders across the country down to the county level. They categorize the orders into an easily understandable taxonomy from “No orders for individuals to stay at home” to “Mandatory for all individuals”.

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Below we represent each category in an interactive tool based on cases per 100,000 population – grouped by category. You can hover over each day to get a sense of the population involved that day (orders are given anew and rescinded as well).

As you can see – the largest set of cases/100K are found in the most stringent orders to population and the least impactful order yielded the lowest metrics. Be sure to check the second tab where we ad state to the mix (tabs at the top) – (CDC source)

If the embedded tool doesn’t load below try going directly to the online tool:


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