San Francisco Children Devastated by Pandemic Policies

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A recent report from San Francisco Public Schools shows the MASSIVE impact of devastating pandemic policies, mandates, quarantines and the panoply of COVID-19 policies. The city itself has lost over 6% of its population since the pandemic began. Now truancy and performance reports shows how policy makers and administrators have failed their children. Keep in mind – this is one of the most progressive and wealthy cities in the world!

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Some lowlights:

  • 28.4% of students are chronically absent.
    • 63.4% of African American students
    • 46.3% of Latino students
  • Not even half of SF students are ready for highschool
    • 52% of white students not ready
    • 85% of black students not ready
    • 76% of latino students not ready

The devastation goes on and on and on:


A recent video surfaced of students getting off a bus and walking into a sea of homeless druggies. My home town has fallen hard:



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