Lockdowns: pros and cons

Pros of lockdowns

Low chance of a possible temporary suspension of a respiratory virus

Gives politicians and bureaucrats the appearance of “taking the pandemic seriously”

Cons of lockdowns

People Suffering from Other Diseases

1.4 million additional tuberculosis deaths due to lockdown disruptions

At least 1/3 of excess deaths in the U.S. are already not related to COVID-19

Widespread disruption of access to health care in the UK, disproportionately for poor individuals

Increase in cardiac arrests but decrease in EMS calls for them

38% decrease in heart disease-related treatments

33% drop in heart attack patients, 58% drop in stroke patients

Significant increase in stress-related cardiomyopathy during lockdowns

15,000 additional non-COVID Alzheimer’s deaths (as of June – likely much higher now)

By mid-October, 3 million people in the UK had missed out on cancer screenings since the start of the pandemic

Starvation and Food Insecurity

Effects on Children

Domestic/Sexual Abuse

Economy and Poverty

Mental health


Substance Abuse