Lockdowns: pros and cons

Pros of lockdowns

Low chance of a possible temporary suspension of a respiratory virus

Gives politicians and bureaucrats the appearance of “taking the pandemic seriously”

Cons of lockdowns

People Suffering from Other Diseases

At least 1/3 of excess deaths in the U.S. are already not related to COVID-19

Widespread disruption of access to health care in the UK, disproportionately for poor individuals

Increase in cardiac arrests but decrease in EMS calls for them

38% decrease in heart disease-related treatments

33% drop in heart attack patients, 58% drop in stroke patients

Significant increase in stress-related cardiomyopathy during lockdowns

15,000 additional non-COVID Alzheimer’s deaths (as of June – likely much higher now)

By mid-October, 3 million people in the UK had missed out on cancer screenings since the start of the pandemic

Starvation and Food Insecurity

Effects on Children

Domestic/Sexual Abuse

Economy and Poverty

Mental health


Substance Abuse