Letter to My School Board

As in-person schooling resumes in parts of the country, the expected flurry of COVID-19 cases has drummed up unnecessary panic among teachers, students, parents, and administrators. At Rational Ground, we fervently believe that the fears are completely overblown. The current mindset pervading the country is that ALL cases ANYWHERE are bad. We believe them to be a good thing and, frankly, unavoidable.

Below is a letter you may adapt to email to your school board and school superintendent. Please share widely.

Dear School Board/Superintendent,

Thank you for working hard to help ensure that my child has the opportunity for in-person instruction in such an unusual time. I know that it has not been easy to make this decision.

As you probably know, multiple studies have shown that school is safe for young people. Luckily, studies and reports from other countries show that children do not seem to suffer from COVID, nor do they spread the disease to adults.

This is why schools in Europe and Asia are all open without consequence.  However, we no longer need to look abroad for evidence of school safety.  Georgia and Florida schools have been open for weeks, with millions of children SAFELY receiving an in-person education.

I understand that teachers are scared. Putting aside the essential worker argument, it is important to view the facts dispassionately. Unless a teacher is older and has significant pre-existing conditions, that teacher is more likely to die while driving to school than to die from COVID.

That being said, if there are teachers that are vulnerable, every effort must be made to protect them by allowing them to work remotely.

Distance learning is not a suitable replacement for an in-person education. Pursuing a policy that knowingly harms children is against the mission of our school district, and I’m sure you also do not want to be responsible for denying children access to education, supervision, and nutrition.

I hope that you will be guided by facts and not emotions when making decisions on how to proceed with classes this upcoming year.





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