Mask Facts

Several studies and literature reviews about masks are summarized and linked to here. We will continue to add to this page, so check back!

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Letter to My Summer Camp

Dear Camp Director, We have read through your policies for this summer’s camp session, and the answers to the questions in this letter will help us decide whether [Camp Name]...

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10 steps

The Great Barrington Declaration laid out the central tenets of a more reasonable, scientific approach to understanding COVID-19. However, something is still missing from the national conversation: There has yet...

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U.S. vaccine tracker for seniors by state

CDC Vaccine tracker outlining vaccinated population by age and state.

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Lockdowns: pros and cons

Pros of lockdowns Low chance of a possible temporary suspension of a respiratory virus Gives politicians and bureaucrats the appearance of “taking the pandemic seriously” Cons of lockdowns People Suffering...

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(updated: aug-2020)What is a positive test really mean? One positive test does not equal one infected person. One person can tests positive multiple times, generating multiple positive tests in reports....

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icon Explainer video on PCR testing

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