Pandemic Propaganda Posters

It’s important to retain a memory of how we let ourselves get sucked into the pandemic response. The masks, the vaccines, the lockdowns, the censorship — collectively, we have a lot to repent for. The kindest interpretation: we let ourselves get carried away with panic — foisted on us by our health overlords.

So, to the task of memory, I capture below many posters plastered across walls and online — replete evidence of the propaganda which brought us to this low point in our society. We succumbed — many artists gave in to the emotion and proffered more fear and more masking.

Note: art is powerful and nothing is more influential than powerful vicious art. Please note, I don’t believe the many artists who composed are vicious but the policies which influenced them are absolutely vicious. Unlike the censorship regimes, I do not infer intent to murder from these pieces — rather, it is metonymy — a mirror on how almost all of us fell for it (initially).

I found these at the website for the Library of Congress and provide links in the titles.

Title: Thank You

Thomas Wimberly Los Angeles, California, United States:

Summary excerpt: “I wanted to create an image to both thank the workers deemed “essential” during this pandemic, as well as bring attention to the incredible service they are performing for the rest of us. I thought that of course, the mask was a good place to start since at the time it seemed like we were all headed to wearing them eventually…” Thomas Wimberly

Title: She the Culture and She is Saving the World

Teddy “Stat” Phillips aka Stat the Artist Seattle, WA

“Inspired by a conversation with my mother and sister (both nurses), who are tasked with providing healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic for the foreseeable future. I developed this piece to provide an illustration for underrepresented women of color on the front lines fighting the spread of a worldly disease.” Teddy “Stat” Phillips aka Stat the Artist

Title: Mask Up

Lisa Vollrath California, United States

“The CDC says wearing a mask will help protect you and the people around you, especially in areas of significant community transmission. If you must go out, mask up!” Lisa Vollrath

Title: A Better Future Lies Ahead–Stop the Spread, Stay Home /// Wash Your Hands

Jared Yazzie Tempe, AZ: External

“The growing pandemic has hit hard with those residing on the Navajo Reservation. This reservation spans four states and is overwhelmed with positive COVID-19 cases, the number grows everyday. There is a lack of medical resources and access to food and water is tremendously difficult. Aid is needed and action must be taken to slow the spread.” Jared Yazzie

Title: Collective Care is the Future

Angela Faz Dallas, Texas, United States

“What happens to one happens to all. Linoleum block, 2020.” Angela Faz

Title: Wear a Mask

Mike Nicholson Los Angeles, California, United States.

“Wearing mask is now important for everyone around us.” Mike Nicholson

Title: Masked Crusader

Tes One Tampa, Florida, United States

“In honor of all the first responders and healthcare providers working resiliently on the front line of the Covid-19 pandemic. Your care is courageous. Superheroes in real life.” Tes One

Title: Masked faces, mural by Lostbreedculture. 107 E. 125th St., Harlem

Title: Protect Essential Workers

Jennifer Angarita

“Farmworkers in the US have been deemed “essential” but have been systematically excluded from the US social safety net and lack basic worker protections. Farmworkers and food workers have always been essential part of the fabric of this country and the rights, protections and respect they deserve is just as essential.” Jennifer Angarita

Title: Sign made by Eloisa at the start of the pandemic. Iglesia Pentecostal La Senda Antigua de Corona

Title: People Before Profit, Stay Home, Stay Woke, Keep Up the Fight

Bemba PR United States:

“Romanticizing “resilience” and normalizing negligence is not a good sign either. The idea that the coronavirus is an “enemy” to be “beaten” is a false narrative. Yes, it is a disease and it’s to be fought. Above all with public health, with social protections, with transparency and with collective awareness. Staying home and woke saves life and figura the goverment’s negligence. We demand life before profit. PEOPLE before Wall Street & Big Corp.” Bemba PR

Title: For YOU! For THEM! For US! Stay Inside. Victory Begins at Home

Das Frank Las Vegas, Nevada United States

“While the message’s meaning has changed the banner remains as true as ever! In this battle victory truly begins at home so STAY THERE!” Das Frank



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