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The 10 Horrific Covid Bills in California.

This is no joke. There are 10 ridiculous and horrific Covid bills working their way through the California legislature. On Monday’s podcast we’ll be talking to our good lawyer ally Laura about these 10 bills, what is happening and what we can do to stop them before they infect the Golden State and the rest of the country. Join us noon pacific / 3:00pm eastern on Monday! Here are the bills as presented by our friends by PERK.

NYC Hates Kids 🙁

All eyes on newly elected New York City Mayor Eric Adams. After a hard-fought case in the courts parents got relief from a judge to unmask their pre-schoolers ages 2 to 4 (the last semblance of masked children left in the school system). The judge called the masking of these young kids capricious – we call it evil. That didn’t stop the City from appealing the ruling and getting an immediate injunction to stop the unmasking. The mayor crowed about their victory on Twitter and got promptly ratio’ed as we say:


We are now 2 years from the first major U.S. lockdowns and the infamous decision of March 29, 2020 to extend lockdowns another 40 days (which turned into 2 years!). After that fateful presser in the Rose Garden presser I tweeted:

I stand by that assertion. Even a simple demographic analysis would prove this point. If just 2% of voters over the age of 65 were too scared to go to the polls like they normally do then Republicans lose. And Trump lost. (Albeit with some serious voting misgivings which we’ll get into at a later date!)

We also just passed the 1 year anniversary of this gem from Dr. Walensky. The lie (or exaggeration) that launched a thousand errors in policy:


Let’s go the Tape!

There is no shortage of film around Dr. Fauci whose only traceable murder is probably someone standing between him and a camera. A very interesting clip was found from several years ago (perhaps 15 to 20 years ago!) where Dr. Fauci is asked about someone who has “the flu” and if they need to get a flu shot. His response is priceless. Watch the clip!

Tale of 2 Years

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times but I bet you can’t tell the difference. Here’s an interesting chart. One line represents cumulative U.S. COVID-19 deaths between June 2020 and Feb 2021. The other line represents deaths between June 2021 and Feb 2022. I won’t tell you which is which. One might think that the span of time with massive vaccinations might be significantly lower. Alas…no.


Death of the Millennials

Ed the Free Thinker (@DowdEdward) compiled a chart of excess deaths among Americans aged 22-44 (generally the millennial age range. Over the course of the pandemic we have seen 55K deaths attributed to COVID-19 for this demographic but the excess deaths logged are nearly twice as high! What is killing this kids?!


Podcasts this Past Week


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