Locked out of Twitter Now


I’m a glass half-full guy and my wife Jenny thinks I’m too trusting but what am I to think when 24 hours after I get out of Facebook jail Twitter finds a tweet from 10 months ago and uses it as an excuse to lock me out of my account? Is someone trolling my account trying to get me in trouble?

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@justin_hart) know that I’ve amassed a good number of followers who have helped countless people realize that the lockdowns in reaction to COVID-19 are a disaster and that the risks associated with the disease are NOT what the media and the health establishment are telling you.

Back in October the CDC indicated that 70% to 90% of people who had been infected with COVID-19 were also religiously wearing a mask. Now this is nothing new — even Dr. Fauci admitted that masks do nothing for the wearer in this email last year:

Somehow the questioning of masks has become an excuse for blatant censorship. Toe the line or you will be booted from the town square.

What are the next steps? Stay tuned.



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