End the COVID War on Children

Join us Tuesday, January 12th for an engaging conversation with medical professionals, data experts and activists on how we can best take back control of our schools from the outrageous policy decisions impacting our children.


It’s 2021 and most families across the United States still have no clear path forward for getting their children back into school and routine life. Students across the country have lost over 1000 hours of in-person learning. The implemented COVID-19 policies have had a devastating impact on children. Decisions to close schools and cancel sports have created a massive mental health crisis for our children and an exasperating gap in their educational progress. Anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation have seen a tragic rise since the pandemic began.  Increased prevalence of obesity, under-reported cases of domestic abuse, and more. Meanwhile policy-makers and school boards seem at a loss to find ways to move forward.

Join medical experts, policy advisors, parents and concerned citizens at this national forum and webinar.

  • Hear the latest research on COVID-19, the impact of the virus and what we know now about the risks of contracting the disease.
  • Hear from other activists about how YOU can approach school boards with information to change the course of lockdown policies.
  • Get tools, tactics, strategies and downloads to help you get your kids back into school




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