Email to the Parents: A Template for the 2021 School Year

No doubt schools face an extraordinary challenge. Not particularly from the disease which as Dr. Marty Makary notes in the Wall Street Journal the effective fatality rate for kids is essentially zero. Rather, administrators must face the confusion fostered by our unelected health officials and our feckless elected leaders. By some estimates 20% of parents or more are still fearful for their kids to return to school. Administrators have an obligation to listen to those fears but their #1 obligation all students and their education.

One private school out of Wheaton, Illinois has produced an excellent letter to parents how they will handle the pandemic in the new year.

“We will operate our school as normally as possible” the letter begins.

As to masks, this is a kind and inclusive response – the only way forward frankly:

“Masks will be optional in all classrooms and common areas. At the same time, we will be careful to support families and employees who decide that wearing face coverings is in the best interest of their health. No stigmas, and no criticism.”

What if someone gets sick?

“We will also ask everyone in our community to remain alert to Covid-related symptoms at home and at school. We will not automatically require 10 or 14-day quarantines for symptoms, but we will ask that if students have acute symptoms like fever, vomiting, or a serious cough they stay home until the symptoms subside for 24 hours—just like pre-pandemic days.”

You can find the PDF here.

This is the way to do it! Hat tip to @EWoodhouse7:



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