COVID-19 on campus: October update


Update as of October 5 on COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths at 50 American universities since August: despite ~70,000 positive tests, there have been few hospitalizations and zero reported deaths*.

UniversityReported C19+,“Cases” (N)*ReportedHospitalizations (N)**Reported C19Deaths (N)***
(1) U of Alabama sys286100
(2) U of Georgia336300
(3) U of Kentucky200500
(4) Ohio State U298700
(5) U of Dayton128400
(6) Miami U of OH161400
(7) Illinois State U135800
(8) U of Iowa200500
(9) Missouri State U101700
(10) U of Kansas100000
(11) Kansas State U81100
(12) Penn State U242600
(13) U of Wisconsin296710
(14) U of Miami47400
(15) U of S Carolina236700
(16) U of Arizona233800
(17) Notre Dame U75200
(18) Temple University48800
(19) James Madison U152200
(20) Texas Tech U154400
(21) U of Texas101500
(22) Texas Christian U116100
(23) Texas A & M U (incl staff)161300
(24) U of Illinois256610
(25) Iowa State U107800
(26) East Carolina U124000
(27) U of N Carolina114600
(28) N Carolina State U108900
(29) Auburn U193800
(30) Arizona State U185200
(31) San Diego State U110610
(32) Ball State U101500
(33) U of N. Dakota77100
(34) U of Cent Florida107400
(35) U of Florida85300
(36) Oklahoma State U115800
(37) SUNY-Oneonta70300
(38) U of Missouri163000
(39) SUNY-Buffalo44400
(40) U of Michigan57300
(41) Michigan St (incl staff)139500
(42) U of Nebraska (incl staff)82600
(43) U of Tenn sys77900
(44) Florida St U144800
(45) Indiana U (incl staff)171900
(46) U of Arkansas (incl staff)161100
(47) Louisiana St U94700
(48) U of Louisville54300
(49) Arkansas St U (incl staff)54000
(50) Liberty U42800
Totals (N)69,4443**0

*As of data accessed 10/5/20; ostensibly by reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction amplification & detection of C19 viral RNA, or C19 nucleocapsid protein antigen detection by immunofluorescent assay(s); 

 **As originally noted here: “Kansas college student hospitalized with suspected case of multisystem inflammatory syndrome”, but the KS college was unidentified; However 1 of the now 1106 C19+ students at SDSU was hospitalized “1st SDSU Student Among COVID-19 Surge Hospitalized as Cases Reach 440.”;  1 U-Wisc-Madison student was hospitalized out of 2967 C19+ & 1 U Illinois hospitalization out of 2566 C19+; Links to campus C19 dashboards follow, along with local news items. Daily extensive google searches for the past 5-weeks, through moments before this posting, in addition to  scanning of the C19 dashboards themselves revealed zero reported C19 deaths, and one hospitalization of a San Diego State University student who apparently acquired their C19 infection off campus. As cited in a note accompanying the Table, one other student from an unidentified college in Kansas was hospitalized in mid-to late August as reported the by the Governor of Kansas. This student was ostensibly hospitalized with a C19-related inflammatory syndrome (associated with myriad other viruses including common cold causing coronaviruses“Concurrent Respiratory Viruses and Kawasaki Disease”, and associated typically with a self-limited, benign outcome in C19:“COVID-19 and Kawasaki Like Disease: The Known-Known, the Unknown-Known and the Unknown-Unknown”). However, a severe C19 case has apparently occurred in an obese, asthmatic student attending Austin College, in Texas  who required ICU hospitalization, as reported 9/18/20: “AUSTIN COLLEGE STUDENT HOSPITALIZED WITH COVID” ;

*** The tragic deaths of Jamain Stephens, Jr. from the Univ of California, PA apparently by a pulmonary embolus , and Appalachian St U student Chad Dorrill who died from rapidly progressive paralysis (Guillain-Barre Syndrome) despite purely lay reports, have NOT in fact been confirmed as C19 deaths by medical caretakers and/or medical examiners. The autopsy findings on neither Mr. Stephens nor Mr. Dorrill for example have been released, and the Chairman of Neurology at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem commented on the Dorrill case: “We are doing everything to figure out why this happened.”

2/ refs U Alabama sys;

3/ refs U Georgia

4/ refs U Kentucky

5/ refs Ohio State U–positive-coronavirus-tests-among-students

6/ refs U of Dayton;

6a/ refs for Miami U of Ohio

7/ refs for Illinois State;

8/refs for Missouri State

9/ refs U of Iowa:; ;

10/ refs U of Kansas: ;;

11/ ref K State:

12/ refs Penn State: ;

13/ ref U Wisc

14/ ref U Miami:

15/ refs U of S. Carolina:  “No students have required hospitalization since classes for the fall semester began last month”

16/ refs U of Arizona;;

17/ refs Notre Dame C19:

18/ refs Temple U:  

19/ James Madison: since July 1st ; According to JMU spokesperson Caitlyn Read, there have been no hospitalizations stemming from the positive cases of students and staff.

20/ refs Texas Tech U:

21/ refs U of Texas:;

22/ refs Texas Christian U:;

23/ Refs Texas A & M: ;

24/ refs U of Illinois:

25/ refs Iowa State:;

26/ Refs E. Carolina U:

27/refs UNC:;

28/refs NC state

29/refs Auburn U: ; ;

30/ refs ASU

31/ refs San Diego State 

32/ Refs Ball State U

33/ Univ of N. Dakota

34/ Univ of Central Florida

35/ Univ of FL-Gainesville 36/ Oklahoma State U

37/ SUNY-Oneonta

38/Univ of Missouri

39/ U of Buffalo-SUNY

40/ U of Michigan

41/ Mich State U

42/ U of Nebraska

43/ U of Tenn sys

44/ Florida St U ;

45/ U of Indiana

46/ U of Arkansas

47/ Louisiana State U

48/ U of Louisville 49/

49/ Arkansas St U

50/ Liberty U



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