Child Vax Bombs Out – Are Parents Finally Getting the Message?

We’ve noted before our concerns about young children (and now infants!) receiving a vaccine with very little testing, serious flags about adverse reactions and a risk profile so low as to be almost unmeasurable. Emergency Use Approval for the vaccine for infants was rolled out 3 weeks ago – and the uptake is disappointing – to the government! Frankly, we’re thrilled to see this.

Let’s review the problems with vaccine trials and rollouts for kids:

  • No major official at the federal level has articulated the extraordinary low risk to infants. By one estimate across 16 countries, a young child’s risk is literally 100,000 times lower than that of their 80 year old grandparents.
  • Serious questions about transparency in trial participation and outcomes have been made.
  • The trials for children/toddlers/infants under 5 years old were based on 2 trials that used antibody levels as a proxy for efficacy – not outcomes.
  • Later, the CDC had to admit that there is no established correlation between antibodies and disease outcomes.
  • The FDA readily admits that there results of stopping infection (in a very, very small sample size for the trials) is “statistically insignificant”
  • Trials indicated that by the 3rd doss there were serious issues afoot where infections skyrockets potentially by over 3x what you would see in the placebo group.
  • As we’ve noted in these pages, pediatric vaccines show already some serious adverse reactions – fever and join pain – caused potentially by multiple factors leading to “immune complexes”
  • The CDC notes that 75% of children have already gone through COVID-19. The trials don’t address the issues raised by these and other issues.
  • Even the pro-vaccine advocates in The Lancet raised questions about the necessity of pushing these things.

These are just a handful of serious issues we have with our health overlords at the federal and state level pushing vaccines on our kids.

Thankfully, American parents are slowing the roll out of these shots.

The release of vaccine approval for 5 to 11 year olds in the late fall 2021 rose to 20% with at least 1 dose by the new year but has since stalled and has not surpassed 35%

Even more positive is that the <5 vaccine has been out for 3 weeks and is holding at 2%., In some states the percentage of infants receiving 1 does is below 0.5%. All in all, just over 400,000 children (out of 20 million nation-wide) have received 1 dose of the vaccine in EUA status.

I hope we can take this as a sign that the population is FINALLY understanding that the risk to their kids is seriously overstated by our health officials.

Here are the total vaccines for children under 5 and the % of that population by state.

Again – the risk to these kids is very, very low:



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