Take Back Your Schools from COVID – A Rational Ground Webinar

Register Here Our children have now lost thousands of hours of in-class learning. Schools across the rest of the world are open while our kids languish in limbo. Join us for a special webinar to get the tools and tactics you need to take back your school. Join data experts and policy pros to find […]

The burden of proof

Michael Betrus argues that the burden of proof is on lockdown states to prove their policies are more effective than those of non-lockdown states

10 Steps to Get Back to Normal

It’s time to move forward. Here we offer ten steps to dramatically improve the current situation that we feel both sides of the divide can agree on.

10 Steps to End the Lockdowns – A Rational Ground Webinar

Join us for a webinar on December 3 at 6:30 PT/9:30 ET to talk about 10 steps to end the lockdowns

Thanksgiving Will Go On – EOH 11/20/20

Though it has no official authority to cancel Thanksgiving, the CDC is urging Americans not to travel home for Thanksgiving this year, in the name of the public health and safety of course. As politicians and other bureaucrats issue new rules, it’s likely many Americans will celebrate the holidays with or without their approval. In […]

Another Ray of Light Emerges – EOH 11/18/20

Another ray of light has emerged on the horizon: Moderna says its coronavirus vaccine is 94.5% effective. More details are coming soon.  In other news: In a high-profile speech before the Federalist Society, Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito expressed his concerns that the coronavirus pandemic “has resulted in previously unimaginable restrictions on individual liberty.” Rules […]

It’s About the Children! – EOH 11/13/20

President-elect Joe Biden is already busy putting together members for his new COVID taskforce and it looks like he doesn’t seem receptive to freedom or lessons from the past. Dr. Michael Osterholm, one of his coronavirus advisors, has called another 4-6 week national lockdown. Dr. Osterholm wants an even more draconian second lockdown than the […]

A Ray of Light Emerges – EOH 11/11/20

A ray of light has emerged on the horizon: a coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE showed in an early analysis to be more than 90% effective in protecting people from COVID-19. We are waiting on further details to be released soon. In other news: On public policy, Jayanta Bhattacharya of Stanford, […]

Viva La Resistance – EOH 11/5/20

The 2020 U.S. presidential election is over… but as of this writing, a winner has not been called. With everything focused on the election, we’ve enjoyed a short panic break from COVID19.  The courts continue to rule against governors who abuse their powers in the name of public health. New research continue to discover the […]

And Falling Behind – EOH 10/30

Happy Halloween… remember as the holiday season arrives, nothing can escape the reach of Rona. It is the instrument to ruin the rest of 2020 and the season that brings us together. Our leaders have assured us if we disobey expect more trouble on the horizon. Lockdown advocates have found their next disobedient target that […]

Behind the Curve – EOH 10/28

Happy Halloween… remember social distancing applies to skeletons. We are all in this together! Remarkably, skeptics continue to be vindicated by the evidence on the ground while the MSM acts surprised and claims ignorance. From the Texas Tribune to the New York Times, mainstream media publications are finally “discovering” that allowing children to go to […]

And Its Consequences – EOH 10/23

The “new normal” performs quite terribly in public polling. People don’t enjoy wearing masks, prefer to hug friends and family outside their household, and like those pesky things called civil liberties. In almost every continent, anti-lockdown protests have occurred in response to government overreach and COVID lockdowns. The resistance continues to grow. Even pro-lockdown institutions […]

The New Unnormal – EOH 10/21

We are told that we are going to have to accept a “new normal” but what if that “new normal”, is just a slogan for completely restructuring society? Across the world, the “new normal” appears just to be a new blend of  authoritarianism and limiting civil liberties. In the UK, the government plans to give […]

Lockdowns return to some parts of Europe and the UK – EOH 10/16

After months of the data showing lockdowns have enormous consequences with little gain, politicians continue to push a failed policy with unimaginable social and economic costs. In the UK despite rising cases (with a rise in testing), deaths have remained flat with only a mild increase in hospitalizations, yet strict lockdown measures have been enacted. […]

Flip Flop – EOH 10/14

It is remarkable how supposedly trustworthy, scientific organizations have flipped on key issues after being proved consistently wrong on said issues from Twitter to scientific journals. For example, The World Health Organization (“WHO”) finally realized that lockdowns were not effective as a primary method of stopping COVID-19 and  lockdowns’ severe economic impact (estimated to be almost […]

Backsliding – EOH 10/9

After several months of hope that New Yorkers  were starting to leave lockdowns, New York’s leaders decided medieval lockdowns by neighborhood made good sense, specifically targeting Orthodox Jewish communities. New Yorkers rebelled and resisted the new street-by-street lockdowns.  New York is not alone in its lockdown fetish, Israel is under an even more extreme lockdown, […]

Economic Lockdown – EOH 10/7

If COVID hysteria only meant people were stuck inside for a few weeks, perhaps it would be more understandable. Instead, across the world, it has led to economic and social catastrophe. Years of economic growth and rising social standards in countries like India have been destroyed in a few short months. We have rolled extreme […]

COVID Calling – EOH 10/2

An update from the UK: The COVID hysteria unfortunately is not only an American issue, as COVID Karenism has become a major issue in the United Kingdom. Despite the decline in COVID-19 deaths in the UK to near zero and excess deaths less than the past five years, both conservative and liberal political leadership across […]

Not Forgotten – EOH 9/30

COVID hysterics want to hide the consequences of their policy, but the truth eventually comes out. You can only hide from reality for so long. A part of living in hysteria is ignoring consequences and blindly marching forward. Take the tragic example of restaurants in Nashville. Restaurants were ordered by fiat to reduce occupancy, yet […]

Getting Schooled – EOH 9/25

Hysteria, whether about COVID or another political issue, requires society to either ignore or twist the evidence on the ground and detach from reality. For COVID, public health experts or the media would rather promote hysterical viewpoints and the worst-case scenario than acknowledge complexity or differing viewpoints. “COVID sins” has now merged with cancel culture […]

COVID on a Plane – EOH 9/22

In this cultural moment, COVID-19 encourages the media and Twitter blue checks to shoot first and ask questions later. Experts would rather cast judgement, moralize, and get clicks than wait for the evidence to come in. It is easier but far more damaging. It’s very difficult to update priors based on bad evidence when it […]

Covid Sins – EOH 9/17

COVID-19 isn’t just a disease but also a moral code with sins and righteous deeds. One of the most prolific righteous deeds for the COVID faith is committing to a public policy, moralizing the policy, shaming those that disagree, and never providing data or evidence for justification. Nashville closed bars and restaurants yet knew that […]

Scandimania – EOH 9/15

Sweden is having its moment in the sun now that Europe is seeing a second outbreak of cases, social stability in strict lockdown countries is fraying, and the severe economic damage is beginning to be seen. Through an approach that granted autonomy and information for the average Swede to make their own decisions, Sweden’s  economic […]

COVID Karens – EOH 9/10

COVID lockdown zealots  are having their second moment in the sun. In the UK, Boris Johnson wants to introduce “COVID marshals” to track people’s whereabouts and report violations in social distancing. In the United States, rushed reporting on the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally led to large amounts of finger-wagging and moralizing. Even worse, some states are […]

Failing the Grade – EOH 9/8

It is concerning that after several weeks, universities have not updated their priors. It seems every day another university goes into lockdown because they did not predict that college students would…act like college students. Even worse, some schools like Northeastern have been adopting CCP style COVID-19 policies, such as expelling offenders and just keeping their […]

Operation Warpspeed Sees Promise – EOH 9/4

Operation warp speed continues to be a bright spot in how America fights COVID-19. A recent pleasant surprise is that Dr. Fauci said current vaccine trials are going well and potentially a vaccine could be delivered later this year but still cautious about an early release from trials.. From 18 months to 12 months to […]

Doing the Work – EOH 9/1

Every time you think the expert class knows what they are doing, you are soon quickly corrected. The return to school will cause a spike in deaths? Nope.As we have known since March,children are far less likely to die or have a severe outcomes of COVID-19 . Lockdowns saved lives? Peru enacted the strictest lockdown […]

Truth and Unintended Consequences – EOH 8/26

Across the world, officials for the first time might actually be grasping the unintended consequences of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Lockdowns, European Edition – EOH 8/18

Despite several EU countries with higher levels of cases and fatalities, experts claimed that European strict lockdown measures were able to prevent a new wave or spike in COVID cases. However in New Zealand, who lockdown experts also obsessed over as their primary example of success, a second spike in cases shows the unsustainability of […]

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