The burden of proof

Michael Betrus argues that the burden of proof is on lockdown states to prove their policies are more effective than those of non-lockdown states

Scientific American Unintentionally Argues Against Lockdowns

Karl Dierenbach uses the example of New Mexico to argue that mitigation efforts are not effective against a virus.

What is President Trump’s risk of dying from COVID?

Based on Florida’s case line and long-term care data, we estimate President Trump’s chances of surviving COVID.

The end of COVID hysteria in Florida?

The roundtable was a foundational event that provided Governor DeSantis the scientific justification for opening up Florida.

Mistake or manipulation?

Len Cabrera describes Dr. Fauci’s incorrect testimony about COVID’s fatality rate and the resulting public fear that led to lockdowns.


Evidence over hysteria – COVID 8/05

As COVID-19 continues, the issue of government overreach, this time about schooling appears again. From debates regarding a new lockdown to wherever schools should be in-person or online. However, one issue is clear, that as seen with Sweden, solutions that cause less government overreach have proven less destabilizing and demoralizing than what has been enacted […]


Evidence over hysteria – COVID 7/23

Reopening/ Lockdown Updates Back to School? “No Thanks” Say Millions of New Homeschooling Parents “After several months of learning at home with their children, parents may not be so willing to comply with district directives and may prefer other, more individualized education options… pushed into homeschooling this spring by the pandemic.” The risks of […]


Evidence over hysteria – COVID 7/14

Reopening and Lockdown Updates Analysis: Trump makes school reopening a referendum on Trump The CDC says people are taking their school guidance way too literally.  “Nothing would cause me greater sadness than to see any school district or school use our guidance as a reason not to reopen.” – CDC Director Robert Redfield. Georgia […]