The Ride Never Ends – EOH 8/28

Just when you thought the lockdowns were almost over, the consequences from the global lockdowns are just beginning to be felt. Turns out lockdowns discriminate against the young (the lowest risk of a severe COVID outcome) and lead to an increase in anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide, especially for those 25 and younger.

And We Moved It Online! – EOH 08/21

From violating a student’s privacy to threatening to take people’s children away if they forgot to login to Zoom to go to class, educational authorities have been handling the second round of online schooling ineffectively.

Truth and Unintended Consequences – EOH 8/26

Across the world, officials for the first time might actually be grasping the unintended consequences of the COVID-19 lockdowns.


Fear & Loathing in the Land Down Under – EOH 8/13

The trouble with a lockdown after the fact is that it’s an inherently top down measure, without a meaningful way to measure success, and ignores the negative secondary impacts that cost lives. While one may try, you can’t see everything, and eventually, something slips through the cracks.

Lockdown Meltdown – EOH 08/11

As we get closer to the end of the summer, the calls for a new lockdown have come in full force with new voices such as Minneapolis Fed leader Neel Kashkari advocating for a 2nd lockdown in the United States. The calls for a new lockdown are contrasted in the end Sweden ended up okay without a […]

Not so Hot Hotspots – EOH 08/08

Despite fears earlier in the summer that states like Georgia, Texas, Florida or Arizona, the new “hotspots” would end up becoming New York like in deaths, this fear has not  turned out to be the case. In practice, all these states despite being called “hotspots” still had lower cases & low deaths per 100,000 people […]