Economic Lockdown – EOH 10/7

If COVID hysteria only meant people were stuck inside for a few weeks, perhaps it would be more understandable. Instead, across the world, it has led to economic and social catastrophe. Years of economic growth and rising social standards in countries like India have been destroyed in a few short months. We have rolled extreme […]


Evidence over hysteria – COVID 7/30

COVID News U.S. Coronavirus Cases Rise at Slowest Pace in Weeks “U.S. coronavirus cases rose by 55,000, the slowest daily pace since July 7, as some states continued to struggle with a rising number of infections and rapidly increasing death tolls.” ‘Shut it down, start over, do it right:’ Health experts sign open letter […]


Evidence over hysteria – COVID 7/17

Reopening and Lockdown Updates Betsy DeVos: Schools that don’t reopen shouldn’t get federal funds “Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told “Fox News Sunday” that public schools that don’t reopen in the fall should not get federal funds, and that the money should be redirected to families who can use it to find another option for […]