Bullying From the Ivory Tower

Colleges are endangering the mental health of students with pandemic restrictions and then bullying them and calling them names when they break the rules.

More mask charts

More mask charts that show the (lack of) correlation between mask mandates and cases or hospitalizations

New podcast from Kyle Lamb: Censoring… the flu

Kyle Lamb discusses the censorship of Scott Atlas, masks, and the disappearance of the flu compared to last year.

COVID-19 Death Distortion In Florida: Over 40% of State’s “COVID-19 Deaths” May Not Merit That Classification

Dr. Andrew Bostom examines the CDC’s guidelines for reporting COVID-19 deaths and how that has affected the Florida death reporting.

A Dying Shame

Megan Mansell writes that conversations about death with dignity and representation are long overdue.

There is nothing new under the sun

Alex Rodriguez contrasts the public health responses between the 1918 and 2020 pandemics.

COVID-19 on campus: October update

Update as of October 5 on COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths at 50 American universities since August

Mask charts

Have you been looking for charts that show the (lack of) correlation between mask mandates and cases or hospitalizations? Your wish is our command!

What is President Trump’s risk of dying from COVID?

Based on Florida’s case line and long-term care data, we estimate President Trump’s chances of surviving COVID.

Educating Dr. Fauci On Herd Immunity And COVID-19: Completing What Rand Paul Began

Dr. Andrew Bostom explains herd immunity concepts that Dr. Fauci might find illuminating.

Governor DeSantis’ roundtable experts advocate for “normal” life for young people

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a roundtable on September 24 with professors from Harvard and Stanford. The conversation covered an impressive amount of ground in important COVID topics, and we produced a lightly-edited transcript to make it more accessible.

Deaths, Data and COVID-19: A Deadly Dose of Daily Confusion

The news reports continue to blast scandalous headlines about the number of deaths per day here in the United States from COVID-19. Our new interactive tool gives you a very different and more accurate view.

The end of COVID hysteria in Florida?

The roundtable was a foundational event that provided Governor DeSantis the scientific justification for opening up Florida.

New podcast from Kyle Lamb: Standing Up and Standing Ground

How excess is literally only half the story. Debunking the debunkers about the flu. And Attorney Thomas Renz is leading the charge for OhioStandsUp.org. Why the federal lawsuit can be a win for the entire country and what it can do for you.

September 21 update: COVID-19 fatality rate continues to drop in Florida

The overall average COVID-19 death rate for Florida residents dropped by 78% from April to August.

New podcast from Kyle Lamb: PCR is amplifying the fear

New podcast from Kyle Lamb: PCR testing is amplifying the fear

Why mass PCR testing of the healthy and asymptomatic is currently counter-productive

The point of testing should be to identify infectious individuals, and the current testing procedures fail in that public health goal.

CDC study on COVID-19 transmission in child care shows what we already know: children can spread it to family members

A CDC study on COVID-19 transmission in child care centers only shows that children can infect people in their own households.

Mistake or manipulation?

Len Cabrera describes Dr. Fauci’s incorrect testimony about COVID’s fatality rate and the resulting public fear that led to lockdowns.

Behind the mask… and the shower curtain: COVID-19 and the plight of children

Dr. John Littell writes that COVID-19 has become, with no reason, the modern equivalent of leprosy.

A response to the viral “6%” post about COVID deaths

While it is correct that only 6% of COVID deaths show COVID as the only cause of death, that’s not the full picture.

Dr. Scott Atlas joins DeSantis for press conference.

Dr. Scott Atlas joined Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for a press conference today, emphasizing that the U.S. is “the only nation among our peer nations that are hysterical about opening schools.”

New CDC guidelines are aligned with science

The new guidance from the CDC reflects our growing understanding of the unreliability of asymptomatic testing

COVID-19 fatality rate continues to drop in Florida

Even with the deaths through August 25 added to the data, the death rate for people who tested positive for COVID in June or July was much lower than it was in April.

Using the bubble isolate concept to reopen schools without universal masking

Megan Mansell offers a proposal for isolating those who are worried about COVID infection at school while allowing the rest to resume normal activities.

Death certificates raise questions about the role of COVID-19 in deaths

A review of Florida District 8 Medical Examiner reports for COVID-19 deaths in Alachua County, FL suggests “dying with” still gets counted in the COVID-19 deaths.

“COVID-Like” Illnesses Tells Us a LOT about COVID

Kyle Lamb discusses the impact of dying OF COVID-19 vs. dying WITH COVID-19 and the craziness which ensues among healthcare providers identifying cases with “COVID-like” illnesses.