Articles of Inquiry – The Questions We Want ANSWERED!

If you recall – we have dubbed 2023 – the year of truth and accountability. With Republicans taking over the House, Governor DeSantis organizing a grand jury and a growing debate of vaccine impact – the folks who created this mess need to held accountable.

Our favorite team of doctors took it upon themselves to itemize the questions that demand answers. They refer to this team as “The Norfolk Group.”

It consists of: Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD; Leslie Bienen, MFA, DVM; Ram Duriseti, MD, PhD; Tracy Beth Høeg, MD, PhD; Martin Kulldorff, PhD, FDhc; Marty Makary, MD, MPH; Margery Smelkinson, PhD; and Steven Templeton, PhD.

“America’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic failed on many levels of government and in many aspects. Certainly, deaths are unavoidable during a pandemic. However, too many U.S. policy makers concentrated efforts on ineffective or actively harmful and divisive measures such as school closures that generated enormous societal damage without significantly lowering COVID-19 mortality, while failing to protect high-risk Americans. As a result, Americans were hard hit both by the disease and by collateral damage generated by misguided pandemic strategies and decisions that ignored years of pandemic preparation guidance crafted by numerous public health agencies, nationally and internationally.”

They denote their purpose:

“This document is not a report from such an inquiry. Rather, we present a blueprint containing key public health questions for a COVID-19 commission.”

We’ll be pulling the document apart for details and sharing those with you over various mediums but the resource is INVALUABLE!




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Articles of Inquiry - The Questions We Want ANSWERED!

If you recall - we have dubbed 2023 - the year of truth and accountability....

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