10 Steps to End the Lockdowns – A Rational Ground Webinar

An entire generation of Americans are still suffering under the stringent lockdowns implemented to supposedly solve our pandemic crisis. This webinar is designed for parents, business leaders, policy makers, and other citizens to learn about the 10 steps we can take right now to end the lockdowns and move on with life.  Join data experts and policy pros to find out what has worked elsewhere. Network with others to help form groups to take on government policies quashing your rights.

Register here.

  • Hear the latest research on COVID-19, the impact of the virus, and what we know now about the risks of contracting the disease.
  • Learn about our 10-point plan to get our country back to work.
  • Hear from other activists about how YOU can approach county boards and state and federal officials with this information.
  • Get tools, tactics, strategies, and downloads to help you combat proponents of lockdowns.

Justin Hart, founder of RationalGround.com, will host the event with speakers from our crew of analysts.

Jennifer Cabrera is editor of Alachua Chronicle, an online local news site in Alachua County, FL. She tracks the actual dates for Florida’s reported COVID deaths every day and posts them on her Twitter feed and in a public spreadsheet.



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